1. Think differently

Thinking differently is the first step to help you develop your innovation skills.

By changing your mind-set you will be better able to spot business opportunities. If you think the same as everyone else you will find it harder to spot a NEW business opportunity. Whilst reading textbooks does tells you what everybody is thinking, thinking differently is your chance to be different by NOT following the textbook.

Have a look at the Think Differently Convibo case study video below to see how a different way of thinking helped a group of university students to create an innovative student grocery delivery business.

Case Study: Convibo

The story of a business called Convibo illustrates how thinking differently led three university students to look at grocery deliveries in a whole new way. This case study shows the students’ journey, the changes to their idea (called pivot points) and the resulting innovative and successful business they created.

  • Learning activity

    Now try this activity to help you start to think differently:

    Start activity

    Once you have gone through the activity, share your thoughts on the Weibo group – Think Differently. Sharing your thoughts with others is a great way to learn and is a good place to start networking!