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After reviewing this resource, use the Weibo groups to put what you have learned into practice. Learning and thinking is only the start, practising the activities for real will help you to develop your innovation skills even further.

Professor Jay Bal, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, WMG, University of Warwick Jay is a hybrid academic, he knows the theory, the practice, but also likes doing and trying new things. Professor Bal leads the action orientated Warwick MSC in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from which over 50 businesses are launched each year around the world. Professor Bal, has a degree in Electronics and Management, a Masters in Integrated Circuit Design, a fellowship in Manufacturing management (MBA level) and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

This resource has been developed by the University of Warwick, Student Careers & Skills, through funding from the UK Government FCO Prosperity Fund.

Top tips

Communication is a very important innovation skill. Talking about your idea, or how you will be innovative is a great way of developing your ability to communicate well. This is a skill valued by employers as well as potential business partners.

A big danger is falling in love with your idea, and not be able to see the areas of it that could be improved, so talking about your idea will help you refine your ideas and potential business.

Sketch a business model, share it with others and when you think you have finished, ask yourself “Where is the innovation? What are the assumptions hidden in the model that need testing? How can I test these assumptions in a low cost way?”

For example a business that cares for older people might assume that older people are lonely! But are they really lonely? Are older people any more or less lonely than younger people?” Keep thinking, how can I try this in a low cost way? Create two business models:

  • A low cost test to see if customers want what we are offering
  • How can we run this business for many more customers? How can we scale it up?