Anyone can be an innovator

Whether you’re looking to develop your innovation skills, you have an idea for a business, or you have an existing business and are looking for it to grow, use this website to give yourself a headstart, learn something new and connect with people to grow yourself and your innovation skills.

Innovation skills are needed by all types of organisations all over the world. Developing these skills will help you to get ahead in your career and boost your employability, no matter what you want to do.

Being an innovator is also now more possible than ever before.

China in particular is very supportive of innovation and entrepreneurs and being at university is a great time to develop these skills.

  • Case Study: Innovation and Value

    China Metals is an established business that makes the complex metal seat frames used inside car seats. This is an expensive product but it has a low margin of profit and so the business owners would like to look at other ways in which they can increase their revenue.

    The China metals case study video shows us that successful innovators and entrepreneurs ‘think differently’.

    To think differently, a business needs to think about what it CAN Do, not just about what they currently do. All businesses change over time - they acquire new assets, the business environment changes, customers’ needs change and competition increases. But developing a business strategy based on being innovative is cheaper than a strategy based on being more competitive.

    Think about a business and ask yourself “Is what they do, the best use of their capabilities?” Often it is not, and China Metals shows how “Can Do” can be changed to “We do.”

    This ‘thinking differently’ approach is particularly important for family businesses where it might be time to think: “What should this business be doing with the skills and resources it has?” The business today may not necessarily be the business that will grow and continue to be successful. Imagine what this new business will look like.

Getting started

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